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Eye-catching digital screens and TVs for all places and conditions.
Live Screen Estonia brings LED screens and LCD TVs of all sizes to your home, office, large-scale event or presentation. The screens can be used both indoor and outdoor.
We also offer digital screens of various sizes and functionalities for professional use which can be installed in the middle of a room, on walls or on the floor.
We also offer perimeter screens with the best quality sharpness in Estonia for framing the sides of a competition or a fair area, and mobile LED screens for trailers. With the most modern LED screens available in Estonia, your messages can be displayed on streets, the facades of buildings, at concerts or sports events, in offices, or at conferences and fairs, and they will be sure to catch people’s attention. With our LCD TVs you can be sure that the emotional moments from family events and festive ceremonies will reach even the farthest rows of spectators. Or, you can enjoy powerful images for a movie night at home you’re your friends.
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About us:

At Live Screens, we share a common passion for clear. high-quality on-screen images. We are passionate about an image that can create emotion at parties, large-scale events, sports events, presentations or on the street. An image that can fit in the palm of your hand or cover the whole facade of a building. Our goal is to create visual miracles and offer first-class visual experiences. We do this with dedication and an open mind.

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